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Location data, made easy

Our map making tool enables you to create a fully customized map in minutes. Easily share location data such as store locations, real estate properties, and travel destinations in just a few clicks.

Plot your data in minutes & annotate with markers

Incorporating maps into your analysis, reports and dashboard should be as easy as making a pie chart. Our software gets your data mapped in minutes!

Manage location data easily with our powerful dashboard

Location data can be cumbersome and hard to manage. Base gives you a centralized command and control for your location data that you can publish anywhere.

Collaborate with team members to build your maps

Working across groups at your company is important and Base gives your team the tools to collaborate and publish maps as a team.

Powering Maps For 4,000+ Customers

"We searched and searched for a creative and user friendly way to help our guests find our locations, and none of the options we found felt quite right, until we found Base! Base has been the easiest, most user friendly map interface we found and took no time at all to integrate into our website. We highly recommend it."

Bonobos Store Locator

Our store locator maps allow you to effortlessly publish the locations, hours of operation and any other details of your retail locations within minutes. Our customizable themes and settings put you in control of your the look and feel of your map, allowing you to pair it perfectly with your brand. You can even select custom fonts and icons.

Yerba Mate Product Locator

Product locator maps help your customers find your product at retail locations. Whether you sell through big box retailers or small mom and pop store fronts, our technology helps get your users to the right places to purchase your product. Our team of data wranglers can help you if you need assistance gathering the right data and keeping it up to date.

Integrate In Minutes

The Base map product location enhances the experience of your site and seemlessly integrates with all website builders, CMS and ecommerce platforms. The integration is as easy as copying and pasting the code and our map builder allows for endless customizations once your map is live. There is no coding required which means no more waiting for a developer to make changes!

24/7 Support & 99.99% Uptime

Site speed is critically important in delivering the best experience for your users. Base is built on the absolute fastest and most reliable servers to ensure you never have to worry about issues with your store locator. Our live chat and customer service agents are standing by 24/7 to help you handle any questions you might have about setting up your map.

Easy Customization

Base offers a fully customizable platform which means you can change your map to match your website. We offer several templates to start from and if you need assistance getting your map design perfect, we are just a chat away. Our experience building maps for many different types of businesses has given us full confidence that our platform can build the right map for you!

Bulk Location Uploads

Are you starting out and only have 1 store? Are you a multi-national enterprise with thousands of locations? No matter what size your business is, Base has been architected for scale. Our Bulk uploader allows for even the most complex maps to be created easily and deployed the same day!

Mobile Friendly

The world has gone mobile and so has our map platform. Our mobile platform delivers on-device vector rendering for pixel-perfect map design and blazing fast performance. Your customers are searching for your locations with their mobile devices and Base ensures you deliver them an incredible experience.

Tons of Add Ons

Base allows you to integrate your map platform with any data source. From real-time data to 3rd party data that your customers would be interested in. Base offers the ultimate flexibility in integrations. We want to ensure you can create and integrate literally anything into your map. Send us a quick chat if you want to learn more!

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